The Food!

You have got to love a dinner party and even more when your invitation is from Chef Lynda Diamond; Proprietor of Island Estuary Estates B&B and you know the other guests are going to be artists Grant Leier and Nixie Barton. Entertaining! Lynda and her partner Teddy McCrae, a professional photographer, entertain effortlessly, whether you are there for a night at the B&B, a photo shoot, a cooking class or guests for dinner. Lynda’s menus seek inspiration from locally grown and produced products.


Applewood Cottage: The little house in the Valley

Occupying up to six people, one such fabulous place for rent is Applewood Cottage, a little way southwest of downtown Courtenay on Lake Trail Road. A mere 25-minute drive from Mt. Washington, this snug converted barn is handily situated for easy access to the city’s shopping, nightlife and restaurants, yet also offers an idyllic and tranquil rural setting.



Mount Benson

Views from the top are pretty spectacular, although on the day we climbed clouds drifted in and out offering only tempting glimpses of what’s available under clear skies—the island’s mountains to the south, north and west, the strait to the east and the coastal mountains beyond.



David Morrison gets the GIGGLES!

I cannot recall the last time I laughed as hard or long. Bent double, gagging for breath with tears rolling down my cheeks, I had to turn away in fear of literally collapsing with mirth. It took a glass of water and a minute or so of deep breaths to compose myself, even then while struggling to contain outbursts of involuntary titters.