Just one of the many factors marking Vancouver Island as such a special place is that it is home to a large population of extremely talented people. Great artists, artisans, craftsmen, musicians, actors, dancers, poets, writers and more contribute daily to our ever-evolving cultural landscape with their exceptional skills and unique creations.
With regular articles, profiles and other promotional information, More Living magazine and the More Island Living website are proud to lend strong support to our vibrant arts community. Whether they may be established names or promising newcomers, if we like them, we will happily give them exposure!
Here are a few examples of the wonderful talent that makes our part of the world so artistically satisfying. Some have already featured in More Living magazine… and some haven’t!



David Morrison gets the GIGGLES!

I cannot recall the last time I laughed as hard or long. Bent double, gagging for breath with tears rolling down my cheeks, I had to turn away in fear of literally collapsing with mirth. It took a glass of water and a minute or so of deep breaths to compose myself, even then while struggling to contain outbursts of involuntary titters. 

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Double Dutch

I had not seen these guys around Nanaimo before. Curious, fascinated, I wondered if they were new to town, visiting, or what, so when they had visited the store (Fascinating Rhythm, where I work part-time) a couple more times I decided to find out by extending the hand of friendship with an inviation to dinner. Well, call it my intuitive journalistic nose or whatever you will, but the story that unfolded as we got to know each other was amazing.