Vancouver Island really is the perfect place to get away from it all… even if you live here! A compelling destination for visitors and residents alike, Vancouver Island offers a wonderful balance of wilderness, magnificent natural beauty and vibrant towns and cities. Whatever you may look for in a vacation, Vancouver Island has it all. Open to the wild Pacific Ocean, the rugged, untamed West Coast offers its laid-back atmosphere; extraordinary, long sandy surfing beaches; rainforest hiking trails, whale watching tours and a wealth of other natural attractions highlighting our unique flora and fauna. The more sheltered Eastern coastline boasts exciting cities and towns, lush gardens; walking and cycling paths; fishing, winery tours, sailing, dozens of superb golf courses, world class shopping… and if you’re not convinced already, we assure you we’ve barely scratched the surface! Whatever you look for in a Vancouver Island vacation, there will be accommodations to suit your taste and budget. From hostels to family-run B&B’s, from farms to motels, from budget to luxury hotels, your choice of Vancouver Island accommodation is huge and varied! Here are just a few of the choice accommodations that have featured in More Living magazine:


Cufra Cliffs Cottage on Thetis Island

Set atop one of the island’s high points, this lovely open plan accommodation is a simple, snug cottage of modern build, but the setting is everything. Because it is set amongst and surrounded by trees—those at the back of the cottage sloping sharply downwards to Cufra Inlet 300 feet below, then rising up from the chasm into thick forest at the other side—there is a sensation of being in a forest canopy. This is considerably promoted by the astonishing profusion of winged life.



The Blue Owl B&B on Denman Island

Fixed over the entrance to The Blue Owl B&B on Denman Island is a piece of gently arched old wood. It would be perfectly feasible to stay in this intimate little cottage for days and not notice it, or else spot it but not give it a second thought. Yet when learning the significance of this seemingly ordinary object, its history and why it is there, I feel you will be as delighted as I was and, if you’re like me, rather moved by the story.



Mañana Guest House &
Hasta Mañana Charters

Landlocked in a huge British city, I never made total sense of the environment I grew up in. Something personally vital was missing, but I came to recognize what it was. Quite simply, I always felt most alive when near a substantial body of water, so when spending vacation time in or on lakes or the sea, I was absolutely in my element. I guess I was born with brine in my veins and meant to live by the ocean.



Damali Lavender Farm and Bed & Breakfast 

A large, lumbering golden retriever aptly named Kahlua greets us as we turn into the driveway, parking himself right in our way. He’s very intrigued by our presence and welcomes us warmly to the Damali Lavender Farm and Bed and Breakfast, reminding us that it’s time to take a breath, slow down, and start to unwind before we go any further...



Fairburn Farm: Culinary Retreat & Guesthouse

Sometimes the greatest discoveries are quite simply beneath our own noses-like finding Fairburn Farm. And other joys, like discovering that the simplest of ingredients can combine to fill our plates with a veritable feast-it's one for the senses. At Fairburn Farm, it's alright to ask Mara for an extra plate!